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I have issues with the callers’ association, regarding the last tip dangle dinner and dance

I am writing this based on my personal beliefs and feelings.

Last year when Sheldon came up to me and asked, did you read the email? No. Sheldon informed me, that if I had read the email, I would know, that to work the dance, I have to work the dinner.

That may not be his exact words, but that’s what I remember hearing. The feeling I had was, I am in charge. I’m laying the law down; this is how it is.

That hacked me off.

This year nothing has changed, except still trying to recover from the last lady who ran a stop light.

I emailed a request to be excused from having to work the last tip dangle dance, to work the dance.




Mar 1 at 9:47 PM

Frank, Cindy forwarded your request to president Mike. He suggests you present your request to the callers at our June meeting. Our last couple of meetings were at 1:00 pm hoping to accommodate some callers not able to make mornings, but it was decided that the time for the June meeting will change to 10:00 again. It will be good to have you take part in our meeting & share your input too! Iris

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I emailed, I am making a formal request, excuse me from working the dinner to work the dance.




Mar 2 at 12:02 AM

I am making a formal request to be exempt from having to work the last tip dangle dinner in order to work the dance.

Frank Morrell

The answer was:

Mhuddleson <mhuddleson



Mar 13 at 5:26 PM

Frank: As we stated before you will need to attend our next meeting and making your request known to all of the members. It will be their choice to decide to exempt you or not. Mike

We used to vote on members by mail. You put your ballot in an unmarked envelope. You then put the unmarked envelope in an envelope signed with your name, so they knew the ballot came from a qualified voting member.

Putting the ballot in the unmarked envelope, made sure nobody knew, how anybody voted

We now vote by email.

I made another request pointing out we now voted by email (on new members)




Mar 14 at 2:40 PM

We vote by email, I am making a formal request to be excused from having to work the dinner in order to work the dance after the last tip dangle dinner.


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