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Royal Wedding Party Supplies

The Royal Wedding Party Theme:

The recent wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton took the world by storm. brides appreciated the fairy tale that unfolded before their eyes and men admired the regal aspects of the event. The recent wedding has inspired the trend for more brides and grooms to use the royal wedding theme for their own wedding. Royal wedding party supplies are available to assist with every part of the wedding.

Pre-Wedding Parties:

Royal wedding party supplies can consist of a variety of items, some that can be used during various pre-wedding parties, such as an engagement party, bridal shower or bachelor party. Kate Middleton and Prince William cutouts or masks can be used for a fun spin on a royal wedding. Royal wedding party supplies can also include gag gifts, such as a medieval ball and chain.


Royal wedding party supplies create an elegant appearance at the wedding ceremony. Royal petals can be strewn over the aisle runner. Royal wedding party supplies can also be used to decorate the altar and the pews or chairs to add a touch of sophistication to the wedding site. Balloons, flowers and candles can be used throughout the ceremony site to create a festive atmosphere. Royal wedding party supplies also consist of a matching ring bearer pillow and flower basket. A royal set of unity candles or other unity inspired items can be used for a special touch during the ceremony. Royal wedding party supplies also consist of the use of various ribbons, such as ribbons that can be used during a traditional royal handfasting ceremony.


The reception venue can be made complete with the use of royal wedding party supplies. Various containers can be used that are inspired by the royal theme, including centerpiece containers and containers that hold ice. Traditional goblets can be used in place of wine flutes. A royal cake knife and server add a pretty touch beside a cake with a carriage or other royal inspired cake topper. Tablecloths with a royal theme can be added on top of the tables while linen napkins add a refined touch to the tables. Ribbons, bows or slipcovers can be added to the chairs to provide a completed look. Royal wedding party supplies can also be used for plates and eating utensils. Royal wedding party supplies should be used for the centerpiece to encompass the theme of the event. A pretty carriage, fairytale couple, bouquet of flowers or a castle centerpiece can all add the royal effect to the reception area.


Royal wedding party favors can be as diverse as the bride and groom. A key chain with a crown is one popular option. Royal inspired bookmarks provide a useful and pretty favor to give to gifts. Royal wedding party supplies also consist of carriage favor boxes, colorful tulle and ribbon. Using these items allows you to personalize your wedding favors in the way you desire. You can fill the boxes with mints or chocolates and use ribbon that is one of your wedding colors.

I hope this article from royal wedding party supplies, helped you to make your special day, a day filled with memories you will always cherish.




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