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Unity Candles: Affordable, Elegant And Warmly Symbolic

Unity candles are rapidly becoming a traditional part of union celebrations all around the globe. They visually enhance the celebratory rites of the joining of families and individuals. The wick of a pillar (unity) candle is lit by the merging of the flames of two slender, tapered candles. The heart-warming message is clearly ‘two become as one’. There is plenty of opportunity for making this beautiful ritual unique for your own special occasion.

The candle grouping is typically used for wedding ceremonies. The tapered candles are sometimes lit by the families of the bride and groom as a symbol of the melding of both sides. The candles are then handed to the wedding couple who proceed to light the pillar candle. Some couples prefer to light the individual candles from an altar candle and then set the unity candle aglow.

This beautiful tradition easily accommodates diversification. Aside from determining the steps taken for the lighting, each candle can be custom decorated to reflect the tone and theme of the union. The pillar candle can be adorned with a romantic quote, flowers and beads. It can also be gracefully wrapped in one of the invitations. Coordinate the look of the tapered candles to match the pillared one. You’re only limited by your imagination and your sentimental outpourings.

Although most unity candles are plain white, you can easily compliment the color scheme of your event. Use colored candles or add colored embellishments to the basic white. Add a sprig of flowers or greenery to match the bouquet. Satin ribbons and delicate bows are always considered elegant and appropriate touches.

Some unity candle holders are intricately-designed while others are simplistic. They’re made from a wide range of materials including fine china, crystal and porcelain. Available in every price bracket, it’s very easy to find the perfect set that will fit comfortably within your budget.

You’ll discover candelabras that hold all three candles; the pillar candle takes the center spot. There are also individual candle holders that are packaged as a uniform set. Some holders are at table level and others are held aloft by lacy, filigreed metalwork. To help you to decide which presentation is right for your special event, consider all of the options of your lighting ceremony.

Do you want the individual candles to continue burning after lighting the pillar candle? Extinguishing the tapered candles can represent leaving the solitary life behind once united with another. Keeping the flames going, however, can also represent the individuality that remains intact even when joined together. It’s all a matter of personal preference and interpretation.

Unity candles are used beyond the ceremony. Set them on the bridal table for the reception. Light them to mark every anniversary with a warm glow. When they’ve nearly burned away, plan on a romantic ceremony to renew your vows and replenish the candles at the same time.

Of course, they aren’t just for weddings. They’re used for civil unions, adoptions, engagements, anniversaries and all other occasions that join people together. Unity candles are a very affordable and elegant way to warmly symbolize the melding of hearts and lives. Have you selected yours?

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